Letting and managing your property


We undertake to:
  • Advise on the preparation of your property to ensure we achieve it's maximum letting potential. Record all individual preferences, re smokers, pets etc.
  • Access our comprehensive database to examine similar properties comparable in terms of size, location, and rental income.
  • Find the ideal tenant 'match' for your property from either our extensive list of private and corporate clients, via our web site, or through local advertising.
  • Conduct viewings and obtain suitable references and background information on prospective tenants.
  • Select suitable tenants for your approval, then prepare all necessary paperwork i.e. tenancy agreements, AT5 forms, bank details, etc.
  • Advise the tenants of their personal responsibilities, ensure that they fully understand the Lease Agreement, and make them aware of the consequences should they fail to meet their liabilities.
  • Take meter readings etc. and notify the relevant authorities/public utilities of the new tenant details.


We undertake to:
  • Ensure as far as possible that rents are collected on time and forwarded in accordance with your personal instruction.
  • Maintain regular contact with the Tenant and conduct regular inspections of your property.
  • Arrange any necessary or emergency repairs on your behalf, up to a pre-agreed figure.
  • Negotiate any Tenant disputes.
  • Deal with all day-to-day matters and queries raised by the Tenant.
  • Team

    Partners: Morag & Fraser Nicholson.

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