Landlord terms and conditions


We deduct 10% from each monthly rental and an annual administration charge of £100. In return we provide the following services.


  • Initial property inspection and advice on probable rental income.
  • Interviewing prospective tenants.
  • Checking suitable references.
  • Preparation of Lease Agreement.
  • Help you prepare a property inventory.
  • Collection of one month's rent as deposit, held under separate company bank account.
  • Notification to public utilities at start and end of Lease.
  • Notification to local authority for Council Tax purposes.
  • Collection of Rent, and payment of net amount to your nominated bank account.
  • Checking Tenant into and out of property.
  • Detailed final inspection.
  • Assessment of any damages/dilapidation, normal wear and tear excepted.
  • Agreement re any necessary deductions, and return of tenant's deposit.


  • Either party may give 2 months written notice to terminate the management agreement.
  • The Landlord shall give the Tenant at least two months notice to vacate the property, after completion of the statutory tenancy period.


Letting Direct shall undertake regular inspections of the property and organise any repairs, replacements, or maintenance up to the value of £100 without prior reference to the Landlord. Such costs shall be deducted from the monthly rent. Estimates in excess of £100 shall be referred to the Landlord except in emergency situations.

NB: Property inspections can only expose obvious defects. Letting Direct cannot accept responsibility for hidden or latent defects to the property.


  • INSURANCE - Please advise your Insurers of your intention to let, and ensure that your property and contents are adequately covered.
  • MORTGAGE - Please obtain permission from your Mortgage Company to let your property.
  • SAFETY - Please ensure that all furniture, soft furnishings, gas and electrical equipment within the property meets the requirements of current legislation.
  • REGISTRATION - Please ensure that your property is registered with the relevant local authority.
  • WARRANTY APPOINTMENTS - It is the landlords responsibility to fulfill any repair appointments made with a Warranty Povider.
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