Termination of tenancy


We undertake to:
  • Conduct final inspection of the property, assess inventories, and agree any necessary deductions from the Tenant's deposit to cover damaged/missing items.
  • Personally check-out tenant from property and retrieve all sets of keys.
  • Await written confirmation that all outstanding bills/arrears have been paid.
  • Return Tenant's deposit.


We are on hand to help and advise you complete the following documents:
  • Property Information sheet.
  • Instruction to Manage form.
  • Short Assured Tenancy Agreement.
  • Inventories.
  • Bank/money transfer details.


  • Our Management Fees average 10% of annual rental income.
  • We do not charge any set-up, or registration fees. An annual charge of £100 shall be deducted from your first month's rental payment to cover all initial and future administration costs associated with the management of your property.
  • All costs incurred prior to signing a Lease Agreement are payable directly by the Landlord, i.e. advertising, organising safety certificates, or any upgrading or remedial works required to make the property ready for letting.
  • Rents are collected monthly in advance. We undertake to forward the monthly balance to your account within 10 working days.
  • A Tenant's deposit, normally equal to one month's rent, shall be held under a separate Company account.
  • Rental Income may be subject to UK Tax. Although we can provide some basic information, we recommend that you consult an Accountant or Tax Specialist to discuss your own personal circumstances, especially if you plan to be absent abroad.
  • You must advise your Lender/Insurer of your intention to let your property since this may reduce the level of cover they provide.
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